Keynote: Why Is Drupal So Hard?

Keynote: Why Is Drupal So Hard?

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Drupal is hard to learn. This a common sentiment amongst both new and experienced Drupal users. To be fair, it's part and parcel for a framework that's infinitely flexible, with a UI that changes per-installation. Being complex isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, it is important to understand what it is that makes Drupal perceived as hard to learn so that we can lower the barrier to entry, and help increase adoption.

Making Drupal easier requires first understanding what makes Drupal hard, then deciding where and how we should iterate to make improvements. In this presentation I'll draw on my experience teaching Drupal over the past 6+ years to explore the following questions:

- What makes Drupal hard to learn?

- What is currently being done to make it easier?

- What else should we be doing?

- How can you help make Drupal easier to learn?

My hope is to be able to distill some of the FUD about Drupal being "hard", while also helping anyone using Drupal or thinking about using Drupal in the future to contribute to making Drupal easier for the next person.

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07/29/2016 - 09:30 to 07/29/2016 - 10:15
Room 1315