WIs.community - A community-driven site based on OpenAtrium

WIs.community - A community-driven site based on OpenAtrium


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My company is currently working on a develoipment project called wis.community.  It is still in a Beta testing stage, but is curently functional, and as people in Wisconsin you're invited to join in and help shapre the form the site will take.  The purpose of the site in general is to help promote community building in various forms.

I have been struck that despite all of the fancy apps and technology floating around, most of the the folks in my area are busy sharing information on mailing lists, mostly run on Mailman. I think the reasons for this are clear:

  • Rural people often don't have spectacular broadband, and can't deal with high-bandwidth web sites.
  • Email is more or less the least-common denominator of life - almost everyone understands it.
  • It's a natural extentions of conversation - no going to a web site to participate, etc.

My thought was to try to build a little more modern environment for discussion and information across the state, which would incorporate the best of email and web in one portal. Thus was Wis.community born. Some of the other features of the site come from the large number of requests I get from friends, etc. who "just want a little web site" done for them for free. My thought was that maintaining one big honking web site was easier than maintaining a gazillion tiny ones.  So - the site is starting to incorporate templates for different types of "mini-sites" to be used for different purposes:


  • Sites for small government organizations (think townships)
  • Sites for political organizing groups
  • Sites for topic discussions
  • Sites for discussions and information about different parts of the state

I expect that list to expand. The purpose of the talk is to discuss the problem, why Open Atrium is a reasonable solution, to discuss some of the interesting "features" of Open Atrium, and to discuss with the audience what sorts of things a site should incorporate to encourage community building.

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07/29/2016 - 11:30 to 07/29/2016 - 12:15
Room 1315